Hints about a customer

Hints before connecting with a customer

The key to effective sales process is to understand the customer’s needs. If you have ever read an article or a book …

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking – the creative way to solve problems

Well, we all know this motto: Work Smarter, Not Harder. We …

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LiveCall WordPress Integration

WordPress integration

Install LiveCall WordPress plugin on your website in just a few …

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Live chat LiveCall

Live chat vs. LiveCall: the comparison of two real-time client contact apps

Live chat or LiveCall? Both tools can help you perfect the …

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holidays LiveCall

Product update: How to plan upcoming holidays with LiveCall?

Upcoming holidays If you’re planning summer holidays or Christmas is coming, …

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Google Tag Manager LiveCall

Installing LiveCall using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

How does it work?   Install the LiveCall plugin on your website in just a few clicks using Google Tag Manager (GTM) …

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call center sins

The biggest sins of inbound sales calls

Although inbound sales contact centers are one of the most important …

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livecall quick start

How to set up a LiveCall account

There are several important steps for getting started with LiveCall. You’ll …

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Cold calling is dead. Long live context calling

The process of purchase has severely transformed ever since the first …

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Hello world! Introducing the LiveCall blog!

So what is this blog all about? Well… Sales, customer engagement, …

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