Success Story:
Travelist by Secret Escapes

Travelist increased inbound leads by 51% in just 48 hours with LiveCall

About Travelist:

With over 2 million million monthly visitors, Travelist has set itself aside as a leader in the luxury travel sector across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). A young, innovative group of experienced tourism and e-commerce professionals. They provide carefully selected accommodation offers with proven quality, at special club prices, available only to registered users.

In 2014 Travelist joined the Secret Escapes international group cementing their place at the forefront of the travel sector across the CEE region.

Travelist by Secret Escapes


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online booking engine for hotels and SPAs

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"I like how easy it was to set up LiveCall. We wanted to increase the number of calls our call center got from customers who visit our websites. We see improvements across all metrics that are most important for us: number of leads, conversion rate, and, purchase value."

Tomasz Nowiński
Member of the Supervisory Board

The opportunity for sales & expansion

Travelist has a call center with qualified sales reps but the number of inbound sales calls wasn’t there.

The sales number was displayed on the website clearly, though most calls coming through were for existing bookings. Customers who wanted to make a new reservation rarely used the helpline. Instead, they were leaving the site. Travelist tried a variety of methods to increase sales call volumes.

Travelist tried creating a callback form to collect phone numbers from customers. They wanted to speak their visitors quickly, but this system was poor and customers were waiting for calls.

Travelist wanted to increase the amount of sales calls they were receiving. They needed to decrease the time it took to talk to a customer and increase the value of the orders placed

Getting value from Livecall

It took Travelist less than 5 days to set up LiveCall across all of their domains. We were able to directly integrate with their call centre infrastructure, providing a strong and stable basis for the calls.

Travelist then applied various customizations including:

  • Customized the language to cover the languages and countries they work in.
  • Triggered the widget to appear on higher value products and deals
  • Triggered the pop up to appear after a certain amount of time had been spent on the website.


Travelist were stunned with the results they got from using LiveCall

  • The LiveCall widget increased the number of inbound sales calls by 51%.
  • The value of the order placed through LiveCall increased by 15%
  • 18% of those who called through LiveCall decided to book over the phone.
  • 91% of calls were answered at the first contact attempt, which enabled significant operational efficiencies.

The high results were made possible by LiveCall’s ability to shorten lead response time as well as working with our customer success team to develop a strategy to optimise call centre activity.

51% more inbound sales calls

91% customer answer rate on first attempt

18% of calls from LiveCall ended in a sale

15% increase in the average order value

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